Are you in a relationship?

If so, have you been in it a long time?

a Happy couple smiling

Do you think dating other couples is weird or disgusting?

This is a blog site dedicated to letting you know that swinging (couples switching partners for sexual encounters) isn’t taboo, and its actually quite a fulfilling way for couples to re-engage and ignite an otherwise long dulled romantic flame.

Haven’t you and your partner ever gone on a dinner date with another couple, and you get the sense that you’re having fun and kind of being flirty with the other couple in a way you guys don’t act around one another?

That’s because relationships get boring! Nobody REALLY wants to have sex with the same person again and again and again without ever switching it up. It’s not natural to be so monogamous as human beings (despite what this article from Psychology Today says.)

So, imagine you and your partner hooking up with the other couple. You have some wine, get silly, maybe have a little weed, or ecstasy pills even, and separate into different bedrooms (unless you like watching your partner with the other person.)

Hopefully, as you are having the best time of your life climaxing with this new sexual partner, you will suddenly realize how much you love your own partner, and that you hope they’re having an incredible climax as well.

Don’t believe me? There are websites built to find other couples. Do a quick search on Google and you’ll suddenly realize just how many people are arranging swinging sessions online. If you can’t stomach to visit the sites yourself (yet), at least check out some reviews to get an idea of how happy it could make you.

Couples dating is undeniably here to stay – so why not give it a try? You might end up happier than you’ve ever been – and your partner too.

I know it worked for me and my boo!